Making products fail less

I’m guiding early-stage and middle-market tech companies in building products that people want to buy and use.

My goal is to make products fail less and to find a real product-market fit.

Let me take your product idea to the next level.

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Product-Market Fit

Product Strategy

You launched the product, but there’s no demand?

You’ve done your best work ever. The research, the testing, the product development. Everything went excellent. You even got upvotes on Product Hunt for your tech product.

Then, the launch day came and you’ve generated some kind of interest in your product. One month, two months, three months later the customers aren’t getting value out of your product. Word of mouth isn’t spreading and your lack of demand is disappointing. All these are killing your product. You can tell what’s not working, but it’s hard to explain why or how to fix it.

Many innovative new products don’t succeed when the reality kicks in – in the market. Some of these products did not create value for customers and deserved to fail. However, many would have created value if customers had adopted them. But customers could not, or did not, recognize their value. We are here to help.