Product is my absolute passion.

I’ve been doing work that matters alongside other talented peers, transforming the way people, businesses and things connect with each other. I’ve always been a customer’s advocate and I believe the underlying foundation for driving a successful product launch is developing a deep understanding of the customer.

Drift thinks that I’m one of the professionals shaping the future of the product marketing, so let’s make your product better, profitable and more aligned with your audience today.

I’ve been working for many years in marketing and the high-tech industry and it’s fascinating to analyse why some tech products or services are accepted by consumers and skyrocketing while others are failing big time. My aim is to bridge the gap between marketing and technology, because a tech product itself is just a great piece of technology if it doesn’t solve real problems.

I’ve spent 15 years building and leading successful brands and products. I’m currently working in a great product team to deliver world class products used by millions of people. Check me out here.

PS: I’m really excited to be speaking at Codecamp București, 10 November 2018 about what makes a great product. Info & free tickets here. See you soon!

Let’s get to work!